Multi Dynamic Queensland sought the expertise of the Flying Ravens team to strategize and implement a comprehensive branding solution for their upcoming business venture focused on printing and signage.

Recognizing the pivotal role that branding plays in establishing a distinct identity and attracting their target audience, they entrusted Flying Ravens with the task of developing a cohesive brand image that aligns with their business objectives and resonates with their prospective customers


In the realm of branding for Multi Dynamic’s real estate venture, a multitude of challenges surfaced. The foremost obstacle was a tight deadline, necessitating swift and precise actions. Compounding this was the absence of established brand guidelines, requiring the team to craft the brand concept from scratch.

This, in itself, posed a significant challenge to align the brand image with Multi Dynamic’s vision and values. Additionally, the unexpected and unprecedented disruption caused by the Covid-19 lockdown further heightened the complexity of the task at hand.


The journey embarked upon by the Flying Ravens team in collaboration with Multi Dynamic team was a testament to determination and resilience. Faced with the challenge of a tight deadline and the absence of pre-existing brand guidelines, the team exhibited remarkable agility and creativity. Their collective efforts were geared towards crystallizing a brand concept that encapsulated the essence of Multi Dynamic’s dedication, honesty, and professional service.

Even amidst the disruptive circumstances caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, the journey was one of unwavering commitment, resulting in the successful creation and implementation of a brand that echoed the values and goals of Multi Dynamic’s real estate venture.


In a collaborative effort, the Flying Ravens (FR) team and Multi Dynamics Queensland worked diligently within a tight schedule to manifest the envisioned brand concept into reality.

The FR team showcased their expertise by effectively applying the distinctive Multi Dynamic Brand to the exterior display and frontage of the property. This application not only enhanced the visual appeal but also conveyed the brand identity to passersby and potential clients.

Additionally, the FR team strategically placed the brand’s logo on the signage behind the reception desk, ensuring a lasting and impactful first impression for visitors entering the premises. This comprehensive branding solution not only met but exceeded the expectations, aligning seamlessly with Multi Dynamics Queensland’s commitment to professionalism and exceptional service in the real estate domain.

The partnership between Flying Ravens (FR) and Multi Dynamic Queensland exemplifies effective collaboration, creativity, and adaptability in branding and signage. Despite tight timelines and the challenge of shaping a brand concept from scratch, FR showcased dedication and expertise. Successfully applying the Multi Dynamic Brand to the property’s exterior and reception signage epitomizes a seamless fusion of vision and execution.

This achievement translates the envisioned brand concept into a tangible representation, reflecting the values and professionalism of Multi Dynamic Queensland. The tailored branding solution provides a compelling first impression, aligning with their commitment to the community and setting a strong foundation for their real estate venture. This collaborative journey culminates in a visually appealing brand identity that mirrors Multi Dynamic Queensland’s core values—a promising start to their real estate endeavor.

What they say

Shakti Lamichanne

The Flying Ravens team impressed us with their dedication and creativity, overcoming tight timelines and a need for a fresh brand concept. Their application of the Multidynamics Brand on our property’s exterior and reception signage was exceptional. It perfectly echoes our values, leaving a strong and positive impression on our clients.

Flying Ravens’ expertise and collaborative approach made the journey seamless and rewarding. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to a continued partnership with them as we grow in the real estate industry.”

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