Elite Cutis, a cosmetic and skin clinic, embarked on a transformative journey from offering shared clinic services one day a week to becoming a state-of-the-art boutique clinic.
With their expanded services and upgraded facilities, they recognized the need for a comprehensive rebranding effort to align their image with their newfound excellence.

Seeking expertise and a strategic growth strategy, they partnered with Flying Ravens.


ELITE CUTIS had identified multiple shortcomings, including branding, social media presence, brand authority, brand engagement, web and brand content.
Flying Ravens Pty Ltd took on the task of not only rebranding ELITE CUTIS but also developing comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure a customer-centric approach that would reflect the clinic’s core values and aspirations.

They lack a strong and cohesive brand identity, making it difficult to stand out in the competitive cosmetic clinic industry.

Social Media Presence:
The clinic’s social media channels were underutilized, failing to engage with the target audience effectively.

Brand Authority:
Elite Cutis needed to establish itself as an authority in the cosmetic and skincare industry, gaining trust and credibility among potential clients.

Brand Engagement:
The client wanted to improve customer engagement and create a deeper connection with their audience.

Social Signage:
The physical presence of Elite Cutis needed a facelift, including their signage and interior design.

Web Design and Development:
The clinic’s website required a modern, user-friendly design that would enhance the user experience.

Videography and Photography:
Elite Cutis needed professional visual content to showcase their services and expertise.

Outdoor and Transit Advertising:
The clinic sought to extend its reach through outdoor advertising and transit marketing.

Merchandising and Promotional Items:
Elite Cutis aimed to engage with clients on a deeper level by offering branded merchandise and promotional items.


The journey to transformation involved the following steps:

Client Approaches Service Provider:
ELITE CUTIS recognized the need to re-establish their brand with authority and elegance in the cosmetic clinic market. They approached Flying Ravens, with a clear vision of wanting their logo and brand to reflect their customer-centric approach and goals.

Multiple Meetings and Core Value Understanding:
Flying Ravens engaged in several rounds of meetings with ELITE CUTIS to gain a deep understanding of their core values and customer-centric approach. These discussions were pivotal in shaping the rebranding strategy and developing brand guidelines that aligned with ELITE CUTIS’ aspirations.


The transformative results were a step up towards the growth of Elite Cutis business

A sleek, modern new logo was created, representing Elite Cutis’ commitment to elegance and excellence.

Brand Guidelines:
Comprehensive brand guidelines were established, ensuring consistency in all branding efforts and a clear representation of Elite Cutis’ values.

Enhanced Social Media Presence:
The clinic’s social media presence was revitalized, with engaging content that resonated with the target audience.

Brand Authority:
Elite Cutis began to establish itself as a trusted authority in the cosmetic and skin care industry, thanks to the revamped branding and messaging.

Improved Brand Engagement:
Customer engagement improved significantly through tailored content and a more personalized approach.

Office Signage and Windows Graphics:
The physical clinic space was transformed with elegant social signage and interior design that reflected the clinic’s brand identity.

Modern Website:
Elite Cutis’ website underwent a complete redesign, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Professional Visual Content:
High-quality videography and photography showcased Elite Cutis’ services and expertise, reinforcing their brand image.

Outdoor and Transit Advertising:
Outdoor advertising campaigns, including billboards and transit marketing, expanded brand visibility and attracted more foot traffic.

Merchandising and Promotional Items:
Branded merchandise and promotional items deepened client engagement and loyalty.

The collaboration between Elite Cutis and Flying Ravens resulted in a remarkable transformation of the cosmetic clinic’s brand identity and market presence. Elite Cutis successfully overcame its initial shortcomings, establishing itself as a customer-centric, authoritative, and elegant brand in the cosmetic and skincare industry.
The partnership between the two organizations exemplifies the power of rebranding and the impact it can have on a business’s growth and reputation.


What they say

Dr. Sundhar Narayan

“We couldn’t have asked for a better growth partner than Flying Ravens. Their expertise in rebranding and strategic guidance elevated Elite Cutis to new heights. From a sleek new logo to a modern website, they transformed our brand with elegance and professionalism. With Flying Ravens, we not only rebranded but also redefined our identity in the cosmetic clinic industry. Their commitment to our success was evident in every detail, and we’re proud to have them as our trusted partner.”

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